Hi i’m Emily. I am a Graphic Designer.

As an eco-conscious designer in the digital age I value analog and digital practices combined; without traditional techniques we would not be able to witness design evolve as it has in the last 100 years. Being a graphic designer requires me to hold sustainable responsibility in both planetary concerns and the messages my designs emit to a chosen demographic.

My aspirations are to change the viewers concepts of previously thought ideologies to form a united awareness within the new generation of graphic designers and artists alike, using new and old processes cohesively.

“ Design, if it is to be ecologically responsible and socially responsive, must be revolutionary and radical.” Victor Papanek 

My Business Card Solution

As a sustainably conscious designer I decided a third party printing company would be too wasteful, considering the fresh paper, energy used for transport and not to mention the toxic inks used in gloss printing. 

My solution: laser cut, reusable rubber stamps. Mounted on scrap MDF.