Ever Beer

With the disposable lifestyle we live in I wanted to create a solution for the leisurely culture of beer drinking to solve the waste that comes from cups bottles and cans. Making a luxury form for high end supermarket beer production meant adding value to each component. I first created a sealable glass lid using a 3D printed flexi-filament recycled from car tyres and rendered on the computer before printing for 13 hours.

The glasses are standard pub beer glasses synonymous to drinking a tap poured beer from a local pub. To continue a sustainable composition I created my own paper from left over scraps i found from LCC before screen printed with my own handmade vegetable inks where the scrap vegetables were acquired from my local Brixton market before being cooked and altered with using iron, sulphate and other elements. I also made a foldable carry tray which can be used to hold the beers when out and about.

University Project